Email Marketing

Get straight to the inboxes of your audience


Email Marketing in Sussex

Often lauded as one of the most effective forms of marketing, emails are not to be underestimated. There’s so much to be said for getting directly into the inboxes of people who have either bought from you before, or at least registered an interest in your business. The approach varies from business to business, depending on your audience and what you want to achieve from such a powerful marketing channel.

Prompting more sign ups, planning and writing content, creative attractive layouts, and honing in on what you want out of an email marketing campaign are all things we take care of within MailChimp when we take on email marketing for clients. There is no one size fits all success guide for email marketing, so we spend time and effort tailoring a strategy to the needs of your business.

How Hit Refresh Can Help

Manage your database list
Target emails to those they’ll appeal to most
Attractively design and layout emails
Write engaging content and powerful calls to action
Analyse the results of each campaign, so we can approach future emails armed with what works
Regular, detailed communication with you so that we can reflect needs of your business
Strategise in order to generate more email sign ups

Email Marketing in Sussex

Our marketing agency in Worthing can undertake email marketing on its own for businesses, or as part of a wider marketing package, which can include social media, blogs, and and web design. Contact us to find out how we could help your brand conquer email marketing and beyond.