5 ways your Sussex business could be missing out on success through online marketing

Stepping into the online world with your business can seem daunting, and we understand the reluctance – where do you start? This discomfort, though, is far outweighed by the disappointment of losing out to competitors. Here we outline the 5 key areas which could mean your Sussex business is missing out on success…

pexels-photo-199497Ignoring social media
Given dedication and strategy, social media accounts for your business can reveal you to a section of your audience that you never knew existed. It can be something that drops to the bottom of to-do lists when you’re busy running a business, but it can seriously increase your reach, and it is definitely worth having a presence on at least. In 2015, it was reported that a huge 74% of consumers relied on social media to guide purchasing decisions (research conducted by Digital Marketing Magazine.) A further 60% of consumers interact on social media with the brands they buy from. This is likely to have increased in 2016 and will continue to do so in 2017.  In our experience consumers increasingly like to use social media feeds as a reassurance that a company is still actively trading, so a page that hasn’t been updated for a year will not serve this purpose.

Poor quality photos
With decent cameras as standard on many of our smartphones consumers have little tolerance for bad photography.  Really, in this day and age, there are no excuses. If you don’t have an eye for photography, then investing in a photographer to produce a set of images to show off your business can transform all your marketing channels, and set you apart as a company that cares how they come across to their audience. Consumers are naturally drawn to visual marketing – make yours stand out.  With reassurance being the key word again here, great photos of what you do give your audience the confidence that you are going to give them the best food/most stunning extension/most beautiful accessory.  Drab pictures, or worse, no pictures, are not going to inspire your audience to spend their money with you.

A non-responsive website
Over half, in fact on average 61% of internet users access the web on mobile devices (figures obtained by Ofcom), but some websites don’t adapt to fit the smaller screen size, which means either half your website is off the side of the screen, or it shrinks to fit on but then the text is too tiny to read.  Without doubt, this is a major turn off for your audience, and most will just move on to an easier site to look at. A responsive website will make the site as easy to navigate as possible no matter the size of the screen, which could be the difference between someone buying something from you/using your services or heading to a competitor with a responsive site.

pexels-photo-67112Even worse, not having a website at all
With social media being at the forefront of most thoughts, it is becoming increasingly common for small businesses to start with social media along and neglect to have a website at all.  Despite consumers’ eagerness to use social media, your website is still the most important digital shop window for your business.  A website is a platform to show the variety of what your Sussex business does, holding information and the all important contact details.  Not having a website at all will undoubtedly count against you in your competitive market.   If it is a choice between your business, just visible on social media, or your competition on social media and with a full website, which business would be seen as more professional and therefore more trustworthy?  Dare we mention that ‘reassurance’ word again here?  Whether it’s a landing page that at least gives some information about your business, a full and impressive design, or anything in between, to have a website is always better than not having one.

Dismissing SEO and the power of blogs
What’s the point in having a website if nobody can see it on Google? By including Search Engine Optimisation in your content, but more specifically in your blog posts, can mean better results for the search terms you choose on Google searches. This means using key words and phrases that you could expect your customers to use when they’re looking for a business like yours. SEO rich blog posts work particularly using local search terms too, with the idea being to rank higher than your neighbouring Sussex business competitors.  While it is another job to add to the list and can seem a daunting prospect, ignoring the rich search engine results you can gain from keeping up a regular blog content, can put you behind other companies already embracing it.


Ignoring these digital marketing methods could be putting some Sussex businesses at the bottom of the pile, and that needn’t be the case! If you don’t have the time or the desire to get into digital marketing for your business, but know that you need to get on board, then Hit Refresh can help in all these areas and more, and for less than you’d think.
Contact us to find out more, and see what we’ve already achieved for many Sussex businesses here.

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