He eats, he sleeps, he chews our stationery – and Hit Refresh wouldn’t be the same without him

As perhaps the most important member of our team, the Hit Refresh office dog Bunker has been keen to get involved with some of our online life for some time. Daily office supervision from under his fringe is his main role within the company, as well as meeting and greeting clients, so he’s confident he’s got a good grasp of what it is that makes Hit Refresh special. We thought the best way to let him have his 15 minutes of fame was to interview him; and here are his responses…

Why is the Hit Refresh office such a good place to be?

My humans spend such a long time in the office, which must mean they work very hard. Sometimes, my main human only has time to give me three treats at a time while she’s typing! I love it most when they do something called ‘brainstorming’, which they do quite often to come up with ‘new ideas’ for all the people they work for, because it means they turn away from their desks and pet me while they’re talking. All I know is, all this busy-ness makes my humans very happy indeed, which makes for many spontaneous bonios for me.

What does Hit Refresh do?

Digital bark-eting, as far as I can tell, which must mean they say a lot via those computers they use to distract themselves from paying me constant attention. They’ve tried to explain social media, email marketing and web design to me, but to be honest I’m far more interested in stealing their pens.

What do you value at Hit Refresh?

The main things I value are tennis balls, bonios, and barking uselessly at birds, obviously, but my humans don’t seem to be as interested in these things as me. They’re more keen on meeting the people they work for, and even when they can’t, their voices appear in the office through something called the ‘dog and bone’, which again is just something they use to drown out the sound of me wagging my tail against the filing cabinets.

My humans seem to like what they do, because even when they’re not supposed to be working, they sometimes take their computers home and work there too because they ‘just need to finish something’. I find this a very rude interruption to my requests for a second dinner.

Where do you see Hit Refresh going in the future? 

My objectives are obviously to be promoted to chief shredder, and earn myself at least three walks a day, which I think is only fair. My humans say something about working with, and for, MORE humans, which is fine by me, as long as they bring treats and compliment my large ears.

How do you add value to office life?  

The value I add to the working day of my office humans is massive. In fact, I’m not sure how they coped before I zoomed into their lives just over a year ago. What did they do with all those yummy post-it notes? Who was there to make sure any lunch they drop is cleared up? What did they do with themselves while they were thinking, without me there to pet? I hate to even think about it. Working for so many local people means that we get out on team outings (though my humans call them meetings), and brighten the day of clients too. Waggy tails all round!

If you’d like to meet me and my humans, and give us even more exciting things to work on – contact us on that dog and bone on 01903 823843. We’re quite good at videography, so I’m told – next stop, a DOGumentary!

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