What Type of Video Marketing is For You?

There’s many different types of video marketing out there – which one is for you?

‘Video Marketing’ is a term we hear a lot of these days, but it can be hard to work out what format video marketing works in best. Vlogs, vines, brand videos? We’ve put together a few of the main types of video marketing, and how they can be used.

Made popular by Ted Talks, presentation videos are powerful. Focused on one speaker, they have the added bonus of an audience in front of them, so the person watching the video can see a positive reaction from them too, which interviews just don’t provide. Presentations aren’t limited to board meetings – they’re marketing gold. Presentations are great if you run workshops or do any kind of public speaking. It personalises your video too!

Vines are six seconds long, and that limition can in itself be utilised skilfully – viewers don’t really have time to decide to ‘stop watching’, so by the time the video’s over, the key message has already gone in. This bitesized marketing tool is ideal for demo’s, quick tours, or something short sharp and funny. Ideal for targeting a younger audience, the power of a vine is not to be underestimated.

pexels-photo-29737-largeBrand Videos
A full production that includes a little bit of everything, including tasteful shots, interviews, information and statistics. Brand videos are great for introducing your business, demonstrating what you do, and establishing how you want to be seen by your audience. The scope with a brand video is huge, and it can include just about whatever you want!

Interviews are perfect for introducing an important figure in your business. Having someone off camera asking carefully put together questions help tell a story, and can be used to inform your audience about all the things you think are important about what you do and why.

Live Demo
If you want to show off what you offer whilst giving the customer something helpful to refer back to, live demos are for you. The ideal opportunity to showcase and inform.

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