Changes to Twitter – What’s New?

There’s some new changes to Twitter – but what do they mean?

It’s common for social media platforms to regularly review and update the user experience, so we’re used to adapting to new features and finding out what they mean for us. The latest platform to roll out changes was Twitter, and we think that the microblogging facility are on to a winner with their tweaks.

Up until now, that famous 140 character count has included links and pictures, and we’ll be honest, it’s a pain to shorten what you need to say even more to make room. So when Twitter announced that web addresses, photos, links, gifs, quote tweets, twitter ID’s in replies and polls wouldn’t be included in the character account, we did a little cheer. It will make our online lives a lot easier.

You can now retweet and quote yourself. Why would you want to do that? Well, sometimes it’s just easier to retweet something you think your followers might like to see again instead of writing a whole new tweet.

Targeted tweets will be a thing of the past. Before, if you started a tweet with a person’s Twitter idea (eg ‘@hitrefreshmktg’) only accounts that followed both of those people would see the tweets. Not anymore – everyone can see the tweet.

As with many changes to social media networks, the changes will be gradual, particularly in terms of the tweaks to the character limit. We think it’s pretty safe to say though – we’re very happy with the changes to Twitter!

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