Free Hit Refresh Website for a Charity, Not-for-Profit or Community Group in Sussex

Having been based in Worthing for many years, we at Hit Refresh (and Hector Media) know there’s a great many organisations within the Sussex area that provide invaluable help to countless people. Whilst we have been so busy working with businesses in Worthing and Sussex, we feel it’s time we gave something back to the community. Therefore, we’re offering to build a charity website in Sussex, free of charge, for one nominated charity or community group.

nominations-openOur reasons behind this are simple – websites are expensive, but crucial to the success of any organisation in this day and age. From the design, to buying the domain, to high quality photography, the costs can mount up. When you rely on donations, every penny counts towards something vital, so a web presence can understandably get left by the wayside. However, a website can inform and promote, which can only be beneficial to a charity or community organisation. With a successful web design portfolio behind us, we want to put our skills to exceptionally good use, and what better way to do that than create a brand new website for a Sussex charity?

Here’s what we’re offering; 
A website designed and created with input from the charity or community group at no charge.
The website hosted (and domain purchased if not already in existence) for no charge.
Monitoring of the site by the Hit Refresh team for 1 year to ensure there are no problems
Training for 1-3 members of the group/charity by the Hit Refresh team, to be able to maintain and update the site regularly, and to make sure it has strong SEO.
A minimum of 4 web pages to a maximum of 10 web pages depending on requirements.
One photoshoot by our in house professional photographer to provide images for the site.

All this is worth in the region of £1500 ordinarily.

In order to decide which organisation to work with, we’re asking the people of Worthing and Sussex to nominate charities, not-for profit or community groups they think would benefit from a website and why. Links to existing websites or social media channels would be helpful. A shortlist will then be drawn up, before the final decision is made.

Please enter your nominations on the form below:

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