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When it comes to writing about your business online, whether it be on your website, in email newsletters, in blog posts, or even on social media, you may think that you’re the best person to do it. While there’s no one that knows your business quite like you do, a lot of business owners can get stumped when it comes to things like tone of voice, SEO, and appealing directly to their target audience; all integral parts of written marketing material.

As digital marketers, we take on copywriting in Sussex as part of web projects, and on it’s own, working closely with our clients to accurately write for them. There are several formats on which we work with words, and there are plenty of good reasons why our clients hire us to do so…

Web Copy

copywriting in SussexSo much to say, only a few pages to say it on, and only a handful of crucial seconds in which to grab the attention of your audience so that they’ll read the majority of what you have to offer. Oh, and it needs to rank on Google for the kinds of things your customers will search for. Easy, right?!

First and foremost, we work hard on finding out what lies at the heart of businesses, so we can make this shine out in the copy without waffling. We want all the information on both ethos, and goods and services, so we can reflect everything the business is about in easily-readable chunks, drawing people in with catchy taglines. We’re web designers too, so we know how copy will work best on a page layout. We weave those key words and phrases throughout the copy naturally, aiming to rank high on Google without compromising on readability.

Email Marketing 

Nobody likes receiving obviously sales-y emails, but it’s hard to get the balance right when you are actually trying to sell something. You’ve worked hard to create an email list of customers who you know are interested in what you do, and getting it right is crucial.

We strike the balance between promotional and conversational, making sure each email is worth opening, and tailored specifically to your audience through careful analysis of each campaign.

Blog Posts 

Informative and very important for SEO, we create blog content for almost all our web clients, as regularly changing content gets into Google’s good books, in addition to relevant key words and phrases.

Well researched blog posts also make good social media content; for example, we regularly share recent installations on the Sussex Artificial Grass Company blog, recruitment tips on GoGecko’s blog, and details of up and coming events on Corner House and Beach House blogs. Relevant, shareable, and search engine optimised.

pexels-photo-607812Social Media

We’ve talked before about the importance of a well written social media post, so we find our copywriting expertise extends to this part of our digital marketing life too. Knowing who you’re talking to can affect the tone of voice you adopt in the copy – particularly pertinent as Facebook puts more emphasis on adverts.

Copywriting is one of our favourite things about our job – writing what a client wants to say before they even know they want to see it. We take on copywriting in Sussex as a one off, or as part of a larger marketing package – contact us to find out more.  

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