We bust some digital marketing myths

Digital marketing will solve everything
Getting your business online is certainly a massive step towards succeeding in a world that relies on digital, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you put your efforts into. Traditional marketing methods like print ads, flyers, billboards, and word of mouth, is still important too.

Didigital marketing myths gital marketing is easy
You can certainly do most of it sat down at a computer without talking to anyone, but it’s not all that simple. Digital marketing does require insider knowledge of how platforms work, and how best to appeal to your customers. Every business has a slightly different audience, so it takes some trial and error to get your digital marketing formula just right.

Results are instant
With the speed that word gets out these days (also known as going viral), you’d be forgiven for thinking that the results of your efforts would be instant, but that’s simply not the case, and it’s a common digital marketing myth. Through careful SEO, it takes time for websites to get to the top of Google search results, and social media followers don’t all appear overnight. Done right, you’ll soon start to see the positive results of your digital marketing, but it won’t be immediate.

It’s only for big businesses
As we prove every day with our clients at Hit Refresh, digital marketing can have a huge positive effect on small businesses, not just the big boys. A local social media following and a quality website are the first steps to success for small businesses, and we’re proud to be part of that for several companies across Worthing and Sussex.

If your competitors aren’t online, you don’t need to be
If your competitors aren’t online, it’s one of the biggest reasons why you should be. Being on step ahead of similar businesses will put you directly in front of an audience who many not have been able to find what your business offers online until now.

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