Digital Marketing in West Sussex

Hit Refresh tackle digital marketing in West Sussex

The words ‘digital marketing’ have been bounced around a lot in recent years, and can seem overwhelmingly generic to businesses that have been established for a long time. Essentially, digital marketing is the term used to describe the way in which businesses can attract and engage customers online, in order to convert their interest into sales. At Hit Refresh, we’ve had our finger on the online pulse for businesses needing help with their digital marketing in West Sussex.

digital marketing in west sussex

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One example of digital marketing is perhaps the most important – websites. Websites are your virtual shop window, and will often be the way that your business is initially introduced to online customers. A quality website shows that a business is not only moving with the times, but also cares about their customer experience both online, and in person. Websites can help you be found easily via search engines if the content on it is relevant and up-to-date. Under the term Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO), attention needs to be paid to what words, phrases, pictures and links are included in your website in order for it to be picked up Google.

digital marketing in west sussex

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Social media is a big part of digital marketing, and it’s sometimes where businesses can get overwhelmed. There’s several platforms to choose from, and it can take time to get to know how to use each one. At Hit Refresh we mainly use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, and we know how each one works. From promoted posts to hashtags, we speak the language of social media, and know exactly what posts can get your business noticed.

For those clued up about what the digital world has to offer, email marketing may not initially sound like the best way of communicating with your audience, but it is in fact the most effective method of digital marketing, despite the popularity of social media. Newsletters sent straight into the inboxes of your customers provide the perfect opportunity to appeal directly to them. Hit Refresh help businesses in West Sussex attract mailing list subscribers, composing news letters, and analysing their impact.

Digital marketing is here to stay, and it has becoming essential for any business to invest in some sort of online presence for it to grow and attract new customers. Hit Refresh take care of digital marketing in West Sussex, and work alongside businesses to turn their vision into online success.

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