This week we launched a brand new eCommerce web design in Sussex for raw skin care business RAW PASSION

We were first approached by RAW PASSION in the late spring of 2016, when owner Viola was looking for a stunning new website on which to sell her raw skin care products. Viola creates 100% organic, vegan, ethical skin food designed to nourish, hydrate and soothe skin. This was born through a desire to offer products with no nasty ingredients that harmed neither animals nor the environment. RAW PASSION isn’t just a business, it’s a manifestation of Viola’s own personal journey, so working closely with her to best represent the core values of her and her business was first and foremost when it came to creating her eCommerce web design in Sussex.

raw passion oldViola’s existing website (see image on the right) had plenty of information about the RAW PASSION
story and the products, but it was in danger of becoming a little confusing, and it wasn’t easy to buy the beauty products directly. RAW PASSION is all about colour, so the new website needed to be bright and vibrant, whilst making the information clear and accessible, with a dedicated shop section. Using a WooCommerce WordPress theme and Viola’s own copy, we got to work creating pages t explain the story of RAW PASSION, answer frequently ask questions, and a blog that Viola can continue to update. For the products themselves, we undertook the product photography, something we talked about here, which gives the shop a smart and professional look.

13692663_278513945841953_5778943995222380090_nThe result of our hard work is a stunning website that clearly captures everything RAW PASSION is about, and incorporates lots of colour and plenty of pictures. We’re so pleased to have completed this ecommerce website, and Viola is over the moon too. Of us and the website she said “It all looks GREAT and LOVELY and PERFECT to me. Thanks so much Angela. You are a star and I couldn’t have chosen a better company / person to work with. YOU are awesome!!!” See the brand new RAW PASSION website here.

Hit Refresh complete eCommerce web design in Sussex for small and medium sized businesses. Get in touch with us via our contact page to discuss how we could help your customers buy direct from you via a responsive WordPress website.


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