Email Marketing Explained

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Email marketing means reaching your customers via electronic mail using a newsletter format. By asking customers permission to use their email address to send them newsletters from your business containing information, offers and news, you’re able to keep what you offer fresh in the minds of your audience. Even in the world where social media seems to be king, email marketing is still one of the front runners when it comes to reaching out to your customers, because it appeals to them directly.

Email marketing is also one of the easiest ways to track what works and what doesn’t. The program we use at Hit Refresh called ‘MailChimp’ makes it simple to look at how many of your mailing list opened the email, what links were clicked, and so on. This information can then be taken into consideration when the next newsletter is crafted, using more of what works. After a while, you’ll know exactly what your customers want to see when you pop up in their inboxes, keeping them interested in what you have to offer.

At Hit Refresh, we help clients put newsletters together and monitor their success afterwards, which means we’ve got a good idea of what works. We know how to attract newsletter sign ups too, and can always come up with ways to reward your customers for their interest in your business.

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