Email marketing by Hit Refresh drives sales for MITZI B

We’ve talked in the past about how email marketing still offers one of the best returns on investment of all modern marketing methods, and that’s as true today as ever. Despite the popularity of methods such as social media marketing, landing straight into the inboxes of your audience drives sales, exposure, and good customer relations.

Photo courtesy of MITZI B

Around Christmas, businesses can really reap the benefits of utilising their mailing list, as one of our clients, the interior design and gift shop Mitzi B, have found out. We’ve been putting together newsletters each week, to generate interest and sales for the Christmas period. Mitzi B’s homeware, fashion items and jewellery make fantastic gifts for under the tree, so we needed to make sure this came across in the email marketing.

These newsletters allow us to highlight particular items, in themes pertinent to the season, such as white winter home decorations and gold jewellery. They include ‘buy now’ links, which take customers straight through to the web page through which the item can be purchased, making the buying process as smooth as possible. This method of marketing has allowed Mitzi B to draw attention to the items they most want to, and they have so far been very successful. You can see one of the Mitzi B newsletters here.

At Hit Refresh, we handle email marketing for a number of Sussex based companies, as well as other digital marketing channels such as social media, web design and content creation. Contact us to find out how we could help your business reach your target audience.


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