Advertising on Facebook

Hit Refresh looks at advertising on Facebook

Focusing on your businesses Facebook page is something we highly recommend at Hit Refresh, but sometimes, we can see pages struggle with ‘organic’ reach. This means the interest generated from the posts that the page make, via sharing, liking and commenting. Sometimes posts and updates can get lost in the online jungle that is Facebook – and that’s where advertising on Facebook comes in.

advertising on Facebook

Photo by ajc1 on flickr

Promoting on Facebook basically pushes your posts onto the feeds of people likely to be interested in what your business has to offer. At the click of a button and for a fee that you can set, you can choose the age, location, gender and interests of the people who see the post you have decided to promote. This directly targets an audience that may not have heard about you otherwise. The more money you spend, the more people see your post. Simple.

Choose your promoted post carefully. A post that’s fairly general to your business, summarising it and its greatness is a good way to go, because the people who see the post may never heard of you before. A special offer or an upcoming even is also a good idea, because customers will love an opportunity to save money, or have some fun!

Organic interest is what we work hard at for our clients, but sometimes, a little help to push our posts further forward helps a great deal. We offer social media marketing in West Sussex as part of our services – get in touch via our contact page to find out how we could help your business achieve online.

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