5 Ways We Tackle Client’s Social Media in Worthing

Each client is different – but there are common themes when it comes to tackling our client’s social media in Worthing

Transforming the performance of our client’s social media in Worthing is something we’re proud of at Hit Refresh – we’ve helped well known businesses such as The Corner House, The Beach House, and Easigrass Sussex. There’s lots we bring to the table when it comes to social strategy and execution – here are the five main ways we successfully tackle client’s social media.

Fresh Ideas
When you’re stuck right into the running of your business, you can almost know it too well. This can hold you back from crafting creative social media posts because you’re hung up on the details, or nervous about getting your business out there. What we do is off an outsiders perspective, getting to know our clients and their businesses and regularly brainstorming ideas that work.

Finding target audiences
By getting to know you, researching the industry you work in, and getting a feel for who your competitors are, we can decide on who your target audience are. We work out what they like to engage with, what imagery they’re attracted to, and even the tone of voice they’re in tune with. We regularly use boosted posts and Facebook ads too, using the information we have about your audience to target them directly.

It’s easy to post on social media when you remember, but when you’re involved in other daily tasks to keep the business going, it can be equally as easy to let days or even weeks pass between posts, which really isn’t getting the most from your social presence. Our job is to manage your social media, which means we can plan to post regularly, ensuring you’re not forgotten by your followers.

We study social media every day, so we have a good bank of ideas that keep your output diverse. It can be tempting to go in with the hard sell when you’re not experienced in using social media, but that tends to put people off, regardless of how brilliant you are at what you do. This is why we strike a balance between conversational posts and ones that promote products or services.

Constant Evaluation
All of our social media is regularly analysed to determine what works and what doesn’t, which of course is different for every business. Using this information, we can then adapt our strategy to further please audiences, and get the results a client wants. That might be more sales, brand awareness, more email signups, direction to their websites.

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