How To Get The Best From Your Email Marketing

What could you do when you could use some email marketing help?

So you’ve heard that email marketing is more effective than social media marketing, and you were initially surprised. However, you’ve processed that information now, and have accepted that perhaps some effort should go into pinging your business into the inbox of your customers. You could do with some email marketing help, though, as it’s looking a little sorry for itself, rough around the edges, in need of some TLC, you get the picture. So what can you do to get the good results from email marketing that all the digital marketers are talking about?

Sign Up Page
You’ve got an opt-in box when customers make a purchase, maybe, but you need to go a step further than that. You need a whole page of your website dedicated to email signups. Sure, keep those opt-in boxes, but go all out on a signup page by explaining the benefits of being on your mailing list – discount codes, latest news, secret sales, whatever it is you’re offering.

An incentive
Whether it’s 20% off for new subscribers, a free how-to guide, entry to a competition, an incentive will always bring in new subscribers. People love to be rewarded, so make sure you do so. They’re giving you the opportunity to appear directly in their inboxes – say a big thank-you.

Welcome email
You may already know that welcome emails are very important, as an initial thank-you to your customer for signing up and to enthuse them for the newsletters to come. However, you’re going to have to make sure you make them interesting. An email that includes beautiful images, fun facts about your business, a quick video, or a secret promo code is a good way to grab your subscribers attention straight away.

email marketing help Schedule 
If you send too many emails, subscribers will find you irritating, too few and they’ll forget you exist. Sit down with a calendar and work out exactly when you’re going to send your newsletters. Every month? Every 6 weeks? Perhaps even only every quarter? Write it down and schedule time beforehand to work on it.

Make a template that establishes your brand straight away, and use it for every future email. The layout of your email doesn’t have to look for same for every email (it’s best if it doesn’t, in fact) but your branding does need to be consistent. Logo, colours and social media icons are the things to keep in mind – make sure it matches your website etc.

Irresistible subject lines
You want to draw your customer to your email in straight away, as soon as they see that there’s something from you in their inbox. Think about how short email subject lines are and how little appears when it’s viewed on a phone, for example – keep it 50 characters or under. Oh and please, please, TRY NOT TO SHOUT.

Clear calls to action
Work out what it is you want to achieve with each email. It might be website views, sales, traffic to your social media, or general news, establish your goal and create your call to action around it – this means the point at which your customer acts, e.g. makes a purchase or clicks through to your website.

Easy on the eye
Make your emails as visually appealing as you can. Don’t sacrifice the main point, but ensure you include some beautiful photographs to compliment your text.

Keep it conversational
You don’t need to sell, sell, sell. If you talk to the customer like they’re a friend (within reason) then they’re more likely to buy from you or use your service anyway, because they trust you. Ramming whatever offer you’ve got going on or reasons why your business is just the best down their throat isn’t going to appeal to them – they already get enough of that kind of advertising on the TV and online.

Always analyse
Email marketing takes a bit of trial and error, and you’ll do well to look at the reception your email receives after you’ve sent it. How many people opened it? How many people clicked links? How many deleted it? Keeping an eye on this will give you an idea of what works well and what doesn’t, keeping your email marketing in a state of constant improvement.


There is no one size fits all success guide for email marketing – it depends on each business and each audience, but the above tips will help you get started towards consistent newsletters that result in high engagement. Hit Refresh offer email marketing help to businesses across Worthing and West Sussex with their email marketing – get in touch via our contact page to find out more.

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