Use hashtags for days of the week to make your social media interesting every day

We’ve talked before about hashtags, so once you’ve got to grip with the basics, it’s time to use some popular examples in your social media posts. A great way to join the online conversation as well as some handy prompts to base your posts around, hashtags for days of the week are a useful tool in your social media marketing arsenal. The following are the most useful for social media marketing, but if you prefer a more relaxed tone to your accounts, we recommend #MeowMonday, for the cat-based cuteness!

hashtags for days of the week Monday
#MondayMotivation – Designed to kickstart the week for those who need a little boost to get them going with the working week. Think inspiration quotes and goal setting.
#MondayFunday – Experiencing some unexpected Monday joy during business? Use this hashtag to document it.
#ManicMonday – Mondays are stressful, and hopefully you’ve had lots of enquiries over the weekend, or recieved a load of orders. This is good – share it!

#TuesdayTreat – Ideal for encouraging customers to treat themselves via your product or service
#TravelTuesday – Best utilised if your business is a desirable destination, or you sell travel based products
#TransformationTuesday – From hairdressers and personal trainers to landscape gardeners and interior designers, this hashtag (sometimes just #TT) is versatile, and usually includes before and after shots
#CharityTuesday – Is your business doing some good for a charity? Perhaps there’s one local to you that could do with some exposure. Use this hashtag to make it searchable
#TipTuesday – People love to learn something, so use this hashtag to offer some handy advice. It indicates you’re an expert in your field too.

hashtags for days of the week Wednesday
#WisdomWednesday – Share your knowledge! This is generally used as another opportunity for all the best inspirational quotes to come out, but make sure you make them relevant.
#WonderfulWednesday – Share some general joy with this hashtag – perhaps the weather outside the office today, or you’ve received a great review. Share it!

#ThrowbackThursday – Initially it seems to be an old selfie sharing opportunity, but it can be used for business. ‘Throwback’ to a project you completed a while ago, or when your business was in its infancy. It shows how far you’ve come, and could remind people of your previous achievements.
#ThursdayThoughts – Best used on your chattier Thursday posts, this hashtag is a fairly general one.

#FridayFact – Share a fact from your industry, and try and make it a useful one.
#FlashbackFriday – If you missed #ThrowbackThursday, this one’s for you.
#FollowFriday – This is used for recommending a user for your followers to check out. Great for networking and those friendly social media connections.

#SocialSaturday – Reach out to your followers or businesses in your area with this one. Encourage replies!

#SundayFunday – If your business operates on a Sunday (a pub or restaurant, for example), this one’s a good one for sharing something light and happy.


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