Your website is fine, right?  It has all the information it needs.  It looks great and can easily guide the visitors around the site.

But do you know how many visitors you are losing before they have even started looking around?  The ‘bounce rate’ of many websites is far too high; people arriving at your site only to disappear again soon after.  Its not always the content that’s the problem, but how your website is built, and that’s why you should know the benefits of a responsive website.

Here is a quick test.  Call up your website on your mobile phone.  How does it look now?  Has it adapted to the change of screen size and shape?   Does it look like a squashed version of your normal site, or is half of it cut off?  What about on a tablet?  It might look ok as long as your tablet is on its side, but what happens when its upright?   Many business owners spend all their time looking at their website on their laptop or PC and don’t look at it on other devices, but more than half of all web browsers are doing so on their mobile devices.  If your website does not adapt to the changing size and shape of the screen it is being viewed on you could be losing more than half of your visitors before they have left the home page.  This is why it is important, if not essential, to have a ‘responsive’ website.

A responsive website will automatically change the way your website looks depending on the screen it is being viewed on.  It will also change the menu, which won’t fit across the top of a phone screen, to a menu icon to click to view the items.  The benefits of a responsive website are that they easier to navigate on the move will keep their visitors for longer and will be more likely to end in a result, be that a sale or the relevant result to your business.

Are you reading this on a mobile device?  More than likely! But if not, then you can test the responsiveness of this website by reducing the size of your browser window in a random way until its quite small.  You can still read it comfortably.

We have built many responsive websites for ourselves and our clients, and all have seen lower bounce rates, longer visit times, and tangible results.  Click the images below for examples:

benefits of a responsive website benefits of a responsive website

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