How can you go about marketing to mobile users?

These days, everyone seems to have a device in their hands, whether it’s an iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or one of the many tablets available. It’s no surprise then, that the use of the internet on mobile devices has rocketed in the last couple of years, and in the last 12 months, mobile overtook desktop when it came to browsing the web. A whopping 66% of internet users now access sites on their phones or tablets, which is big news for anyone marketing a business. The thing is, you may well have an online presence, but if it isn’t geared for those handheld devices, you could be missing out on a lot of business. Here are 5 ways you can gear your marketing to mobile users…

Responsive Website
The first thing on your list when it comes to marketing to mobile users should be a responsive website. A responsive website adjusts its content, images and menus to suit the users screen, making it easily viewable on any device. The easy way to check if your website is responsive is to adjust the window size of your browser while viewing your site. Does everything adjust, or does this merely obscure some of the screen? If it’s the latter, you may want to seriously consider investing in a new design. People are easily put off if they have to zoom in and move around on a web page.

pexels-photo-50614-largeSocial Media
73% of adults that use the internet are on a social media network, so by not having any accounts set up for your business is likely to make you miss out anyway, but mobile users can access social media via handy apps instantly, so having a strong presence on at least Facebook and Twitter will put you up there with your competitors, if not above . Social media allows you to connect with your customers and promote it for free to customers locally and across the world, so it makes no sense in this day and age not to be on social media, particularly if you’re appealing to a younger demographic.

Great Images
When it comes to appealing to mobile users, eye-catching images are a must. With cameras on phones getting better and better, there’s no excuse for bad photography, and the everyday customer is able to judge a business on the quality of their imagery as they’re scrolling through their feeds, or browsing a web page. Investing in a photographer, or doing your best to take attractive pictures of your goods or services will go a long way to attracting mobile users.

Break Up Content
Despite the fact it could be something amazing that you’re talking about, wordy web pages, articles or social media updates aren’t likely to hold the attention of someone browsing the internet on their phone. Break up your content with bullet points, sub headings, and at the very least paragraphs, so that a huge chunk of text doesn’t put your potential customer off before they’ve even started reading.

The sharing of video content has increased hugely in the last couple of years, and users are far more likely to sit and watch a video on their phone or tablet now than they used to be. Make the most of this by making a promotional, how-to, or behind-the-scenes video to not only promote your business, but personalise it too.

Hit Refresh help businesses across Worthing and Sussex help market their business to mobile internet users, which includes building responsive websites, setting up and maintaining social media accounts, and taking high quality photos and videos. Get in touch via the contact page to find out how we could help your Sussex based business.

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