Hit Refresh get to work on product photography in Worthing

product photography in worthing Thanks to our background in photography, when clients approach us, they’re often interested in our in-house photography skills. We’ve undertaken product photography in Worthing for Seek Unique, and The Corner House, The Beach House, and Alexander have all taken advantage of our eye for a good shot, plus our access to quality equipment. This was the case with Raw Passion, a raw beauty product company based in Sussex, who were looking for an eCommerce website. When they heard we were also able to do photography, they suggested we help with their product shots too!

Once we received the products, we set to work gathering inspiration and props for the shoot. Raw Passion’s products are created using ingredients like avocado, rose and citrus fruits, so we knew that these would feature in the photographs. These products have a luxury feel, and promote the wellbeing of skin, so we decided on a spa like feel to the shots too, and incorporated face towels and candles into our plethora of props!

product photography in worthingThe product labels are bright, so we decided on a white background to let the jars and bottles speak for themselves. Tastefully arranging our props, we were able to take
beautifully appealing photographs that will be added to the e-commerce website we’re currently building for Raw Passion.

We were really pleased to take on product photograph in Worthing for our client, and we’re proud for this to be one of our skills at Hit Refresh that can be added on to our web design and/or social media management services. Watch this space for the completed Raw Passion website – we’re very excited for that!

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  1. September 2, 2016 at 2:13 pm

    I know I am not the easiest client, but you made the impossible possible. You have an amazing intuition. Thank you so much for my beautiful website http://www.rawpassion.co.uk