How Photography Can Make Or Break Your Marketing

Hit Refresh explains why it’s important to consider quality photography in marketing

As the saying goes, a photo can speak 1000 words, and in marketing, this concept is more important than ever. With the rise of social media, everyone loves a visual, which is why you need to consider quality photography in marketing, even if you’re a small business.

The power of visual communication is out there for all to see. From websites to billboards, right down to social media, pictures are undoubtedly important. These days, consumers know a quality photograph when they see one, and can spot unprofessional shots very quickly. This means that any business needs to put thought and effort into their photographs, whether they be shots of their business premises, the services they offer, or product photography. Unprofessional shots give the impression of an unprofessional business, and that’s something no business owner aspires to. unspecified-50

You can tackle your photography yourself, if you know your way around a decent camera, and possess the confidence to compose, shoot edit photographs consistently and effectively. For many though, this is daunting, not to mention inconvenient if you don’t own the right equipment. This is where professional photographers come into their own, and it’s a service that we’ve offered many Hit Refresh customers such as The Beach House in Worthing as part of the marketing package we’ve provided to them, and they’ve found it invaluable. Professional photographers can consider lighting and composition, producing a better standard of image. If you show quality in your images, you’ll attract customers who value quality.

According to a recent survey conducted by ROI research, 44% of people more likely to engage with brands on social media if they post pictures, and at Hit Refresh, we believe this can only be improved upon if your images are cohesive and of a high quality. No matter the industry, quality photography in marketing will help you stick in people’s minds, and it’s something all business owners need to consider investing in.

Header image by omgitszo on Flickr

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