Let 2018 be the year you make the right moves online

The arrival of a new year has us all looking at what we’d like to achieve by the time the next one rolls round; and it doesn’t have to just be personal resolutions that are set at this point in the calendar. Business resolutions can be just as motivating, and using this time to focus on your marketing efforts can pay off not just this year, but in years to come too.

It doesn’t have to be daunting; dependent on what stage you’re at in letting the world know about what you offer, you can tailor your goals using our guide below…

Make a Start 

pexels-photo-607812If you’ve previously relied on print marketing, referrals and word of mouth, 2018 might be the year you decide to make space online for your business. You could aim to…

  • Get a website built, to tell potential clients your services or products, and even give them the chance to buy them online.
  • Set up social media profiles, to update your clients and customers on what you’re up to, as well as attracting new ones. Facebook is the best place to start if you’re looking to build a local audience.
  • Enlist the help of a professional photographer to show your business off in the best light. Something visually appealing is far more likely to get noticed online than text based content – start with photos of your premises, products, or even a few headshots of you to put a face to the name!

Make Improvements 

pexels-photo-261662You may already have mastered the above, and now you’re looking to take it to the next level. This could include…

  • Updating your website – check that it still accurately reflects what you do, and is responsive to the may different sized screens we use these days.
  • Start blogging – great for Search Engine Optimisation, and for creating informative, shareable content for your audience. Use it as a platform to share your latest news, explain more about what you do, and establish yourself as an expert in your field.
  • Make a social media plan – you can either look at the bigger picture and plan months in advance, or just take half an hour at on a Monday to plan what you’ll post and share throughout the week to gain new followers, make more sales, or increase brand awareness.

Make Waves 

pexels-photo-320617-1You’ve got a beautiful website, popular social media accounts, and a bucketload of motivation to make 2018 your most lucrative yet; you just don’t know where to start. Here are a few ways you could pack a (friendly) punch with your marketing efforts in the coming year…

  • Start a newsletter. Mention it on your social media channels, pop a ‘sign-up’ button on your website, and come up with an incentive for subscribers to sign up (20% off, for example). It’s a fantastic opportunity to get straight into the inboxes of your loyal audience.
  • Use Facebook ads. Put some budget behind reaching people who may not have found you otherwise, but fit into your client demographic perfectly.
  • Hire a videographer to bring your brand to life with a promotional video.

Make friends with a marketing professional

Whether you want analysis, strategy, or someone to take care of it all, getting a marketing consultant or agency involved can take the stress away, and give you clarity on where you need to be directing your time, energy and budget online.

Need some help achieving your marketing goals in 2018? Have a chat to us here.

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