Never Suffer From Social Media Burnout Again

Struggling with what to post on social media? You could have social media burnout, and we know just the solution

Let’s face it, keeping up with social media can be exhausting. You’re trying to run your business full time, and it’s hard enough to post regularly, without worrying about what you’re going to post. Suddenly, you realise you haven’t posted for a few days, and you have no idea what should go into your next update. This is called Social Media Burnout, and creating a social media calendar is what we recommend to help combat it.

Social media calendars are very helpful for a number of reasons. Firstly, investing some time in it initially will really save you struggling to find something later down the line, so in the long run, it definitely saves you some problems later on. Also, timing is everything on social media, and you want to be on top of it. Suddenly remembering at 7pm that you haven’t posted isn’t going to get the best out of whatever you hurriedly update your social media accounts with.

apple-desk-working-technology-large-2How you create your calendar is entirely up to you. You could use a traditional pen-and-paper calendar, or use calendars you can access from your PC and your mobile devices – Gmail Calendars, for example. There’s a few handy printouts designed for scheduling social media out there just a Google search away, too.

You can approach a social media calendar in a number of different ways. It might be that you’re a larger operation, and want to plan for a whole year ahead. This includes big campaigns that you might run for summer, Christmas, and holidays, particularly helpful if you’re a retail or restaurant business.  Think about competitions you might want to run, and what your end goals are for the year. You may, on the other hand, want to do it monthly, or weekly. Plan what you’ll share and when, and even if you’re planning to be busy elsewhere, you can use scheduling sites like Hootsuite to post it for you.

Ultimately, some time needs to go into creating a social media calendar, such as deciding what posts resonate most with your audience, the best time to post, and sourcing and creating content for sharing. However, being organised in this way will keep your social media consistent and engaging – the winning combination for online success.

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