A Digital Marketers Guide To Competitions and Giveaways

How do you create an effective social media competition?

When business look at their digital marketing, they often want to strengthen the impact of their social media. Whilst posting creative content, sharing relevant posts and following local businesses and clients is a good start, sometimes it’s not enough. One of the most popular methods for driving up engagement and growing a following is hosting a competition or a giveaway via social media.

Decide on your motive 
Do you want more followers? More engagement? More shares? Perhaps some subscribers to your email list? Deciding what you want to get out of this competition most will help you build it around that goal.

Choose your prize
This really will depend on your business. If you sell products, give one away for free, or build a hamper. If you run a bar or restaurant, give away a meal for two. If it’s difficult to give something away from your business, invest in a suitable prize such as cinema tickets, or an appropriate gift voucher.

Choose your platform
The most popular is Facebook, but you can use Twitter and Instagram too.

Decide how people will enter
You’ll need to refer back to our first point, as this step will depend on your motive. It could be that entrants need to like your Facebook page and share the post, or comment with an answer to a question. Recently, we ran a competition to direct customers to a brand new website, by asking entrants to sign up to the email list via a page on the new site, and it went down a storm.

Write your post
Make sure you include all the entrance terms, when the winner will be announced, and how they’ll be notified.

Promote if you have to
Competitions can be a struggle to run if you’ve got a small following, so you may need to pay a bit extra to get our post onto the feeds of those who might want to enter. It’s a small investment that should pay off in the long run.

Stick to the deadline
Monitor entries, and stick to the date you said you’d pick the winner. Don’t forget to announce that it’s ended, notify the winner, and let them know how they can claim their prize.

Social media competitions and giveaways have the ability to grow a following, drive up engagement, and increase general awareness of your brand. Running one every so often will give that little boost to your business online, but planning it first and executing it properly is the key to success.


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