The Changes to Facebook Messenger and What They Mean

Facebook have added new features to their Messenger app – so what do they do?

Yesterday, those with their eye on tech news saw Facebook announce some new features to their messenger app. These changes to Facebook messenger are an attempt to keep up with trends of other apps, and also enable businesses to further connect with their customers.

changes to Facebook messenger

Photo by janitors on flickr

One of these new features, and the most important, is ‘chat-bots’. The idea behind this is that users will be able to communicate with businesses and brands through messenger, as if they were talking to a human. Facebook have long been tweaking their service in order to make it a useful customer support tool, and this is another step in that direction. These bots are designed to compete against apps, by enabling customers to make transactions with and ask questions of companies without leaving messenger. They’re even being developed to tell users the news – CNN have created a bot that allows Facebook users to tell it what they’re interested in, and then send news stories tailored to these preferences. This new feature is not to be underestimated – this is Facebook taking a huge step in providing a one stop shop for customers, and in many ways, trying to destroy all other apps.

messenger_code_129226957437320Facebook have also added a code feature to the messenger, with the intention of keeping up with apps like Snapchat. Scannable codes for connecting with individuals and businesses are already a feature on Snapchat, and now Facebook Messenger can do it too. Users scan the code with their smartphone camera, and they are immediately taken to a conversation screen, ready to start sending messages. Again, this development has business in mind, making it easier for consumers to connect directly with brands.

At Hit Refresh, we rather like the scannable code idea, and so we’ve added our messenger code to our contact page. Have a chat with us, and find out what Hit Refresh can do to help make your business a roaring success.



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