The Social Media Marketing Mistakes That You Could Be Making

Is your businesses making social media mistakes unwittingly?

We hear so much about how social media is important to business, but what if you’re doing it wrong? We’re looking at what social media mistakes you could be making, and how you can rectify them.

social media mistakesGoing Gung Ho
By all means, get stuck into social media, (enthusiasm will help you a great deal), but please, go in with a plan! Identifying goals, strategies and a target audience will ensure you don’t lose track of what you want to achieve through social media. What platforms you use, who you want to target, and the sort of content you post will all be dependent on your business and industry, but make sure you know how you’re going to move forward with it all.

Spam Central 
You’ve heard that you need to post, post, post, and that’s exactly what you’re doing all the time. But have you considered that this could be irritating to your followers, especially if the content isn’t particularly relevant? Spacing out your content and keeping it to 3-5 posts a day, perhaps with the help of social media scheduler Hootsuite, will keep your accounts updated regularly without spamming your followers.

A lot less conversation?
Social media is just that – social. This can get forgotten though, in the enthusiasm for posting good content, and you can end up isolating your brand. Whilst good content is important, it’s crucial to engage with customers and other businesses. This forms relationships, and makes you accessible to those who view your social media.

A whole load of hashtags
We’ve talked about hashtags before, and it’s generally known that to hashtag every word #is #pretty #annoying. Using generic ones is just spammy. Not to mention that this hashtag spam defeats the object. Hashtags categorise your posts and make them searchable, so you want to be using the best ones that you can. Research the hashtags used in your industry and scatter them sensibly in your posts.

Proofread, people!
So many posts make their way onto social media with spelling mistakes and bad punctuation. This gives out completely the wrong impression, the first of all being that your attention isn’t completely on what you’re saying to your customers, and that’s a big no no. Proofread your posts before you hit the publish button – you might be surprised at what you missed while typing!

Seeing is believing 
The internet loves pictures and videos, we all know that. So why make your social media all text based? Text is informative, yes, but including attractive imagery in your posts and updates too draws the eye, and can better illustrate the points you make. It’s worth remembering that you rarely see text-only posts go viral!

Me, Me, Me
Talking solely about just your brand is going to put people off, there’s no two ways about it. Posts that just promote your products and what your business is doing will eventually lose you followers, because people like varied content. Share the posts of others in your industry, retweet relevant updates from your local area, and generally participate in the wider community.

Personal Posts 
A lot of us use social media personally, but under no circumstances should your personal posts mix with your business. Your friends may well be interested in the 3 mile run you completed last night, but the social media followers of the business you run probably won’t be. By all means, inject your personality into your business, particularly if it’s a solo venture, but keep those personal posts private.

social media mistakesAnalyse Shmanalyse
‘Analysis? That’s for big businesses, right?’ Wrong. You need to analyse the reaction to your social media posts in order to gauge what works and what doesn’t. Facebook and Twitter have made it a lot easier in recent years to see the reach of each post, and this can help how you move forward with each platform. For example, if you notice that sharing behind the scenes pictures gets lots of likes and shares on Facebook, make sure you think about doing one each week.

But do I really need social media? 
By far the biggest social media mistake made by businesses is to not have any. A good majority of consumers expect to see brands on social media, and like it or not, this isn’t going to change anytime soon. The way it’s used and the techniques involved for attracting different audiences may alter, and that’s something to keep tabs on, but setting up and maintaining social media is instrumental to the success of a modern business.

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