To People That Want To Conquer Branding But Can’t Get Started

Every business owner should look at ways to create a strong brand, but how should they go about it?

‘Branding’ is a word that’s bandied about a lot these days, and is one of those elusive elements of running a business that can intimidate some. To put it simply, branding a business means creating a unique and consistent, name, image and ethos that’s easily recognisable to its audience. To scale it up, think of Coca Cola, Apple, and Sony. They’ve found ways to create a strong brand, and they work on their image to make it instantly recognisable.

It’s not just big businesses that branding applies to though – it’s small businesses too. Branding is becoming increasingly important as starting up your own venture becomes a more popular option. It’s vital to keep up with your competitors, with a view to be heard above them. Branding is a big step towards that, and here’s are some ways to create a strong brand for your business.

Define your business
Whether you make a list or a brainstorm, you need to sit down and work out exactly what the story of your business is, and what it aims to achieve. Defining your brand and pinpointing the space in the market it occupies not only makes putting yourself out there easier, but it also helps you know your audience. This goes a long way in crafting the next

Think of your brand as a person

Just like people, your brand should be made up of beliefs, values and purposes – it should have a voice, too! Work out what it is that’s important to you, your business, and your audience. These values should marry up, and be clear throughout your digital marketing. Are you a food supply business that puts a big emphasis on responsibly and organically sources ingredients? Make sure that the importance of that comes through to your audience from your brand.ways to create a strong brand

Make your brand visually cohesive
We’re talking about logos, colour schemes and imagery. Having an easily recognisable logo and colour scheme that stretches from your website, right across your social media, all the way to your print marketing is vital. It should match any physical premises you have too! Whatever way your audience is looking at your business, you want them to see instantly that it’s you.

Decide on key messages that work together
Don’t just repeat the same thing over and over – decide on your key messages, harmonise them and expand on them! Bombarding people with the same thing over and over will bore your audience, so show depth and commitment by creating a rounded set of beliefs, and pick your moments to drop them into your marketing.

Be a brand that holds its customers dear – interact with them and ensure you’re accessible. Personalising your business in this way will breed loyalty, strengthening your brand and making it known that you mean business when it comes to the customer experience. It’s called social media for a reason.

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