Websites Explained

Hit Refresh helps explain websites

The best way to think of your website is like a shop window to your business. It’s often the way in which customers form their initial impression of your business, and the way it’s presented can determine whether or not a customer will consider what you have to offer. A good looking website that responds well to mobile devices like smart phones and tablets, as well as being full of quality content built for search engines, will put you on the road to online success.

LBHR-screenIt’s instantly clear if a business has put time and effort into their
website from just the first page, which is where some struggle – they’re just too busy. Using a team who know how to put a website together can really help out, and allow business owners to concentrate on the day to day running. A good website needs to be easy to navigate with a clear colour scheme and photographs that look professional. At Hit Refresh, we use WordPress to build our websites, which enables us to select the best themes for the type of website you need. Whether it will rely heavily on photographs or content, WordPress allows us to best present it all, in a way that translates well to mobile devices.


Photo by markusspiske on flickr

Of course, it’s great to have a fantastic looking website, but it’s no use if people can’t find it. This is where Search Engine Optimisation comes in, as it enables your website to be picked up by Google. This is done by creating unique content for the website which includes words and phrases relevant to what you do. This can be in the content of the site itself, or in blog posts, which is a more subtle approach. Quality content also encourages others to share your posts, and search engines view each link back to you like a vote in your favour, and may therefore rank you higher in search results. SEO can be a tricky beast, but get it right, and you can be the first website potential customers come to.

Investing in stunning web design and quality content makes your business stand out amongst the rest, and push you towards the top of search engine results. Attention to the maintenance of both aspects will not only keep things fresh, but also keep you ahead of the competition.

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