What makes a successful Email Marketing campaign?

Hit Refresh explores what makes an email marketing campaign successful

As we’ve discussed before, despite the undeniable popularity of social media, email marketing remains firmly at the top of the priority list when it comes to directly reaching customers. It zooms straight into the inbox of your audience, it reaches large numbers very quickly, and it allows you to track what works and what doesn’t. With so many routes to go down when it comes to email marketing, we look at what’s important when creating a successful email marketing campaign.

successful email marketing campaignA catchy subject line
What’s the first thing your customer will see? The title of your email. If this doesn’t draw them in, the rest of your hard work will have been for nothing. Something short and snappy that intrigues your audience to find out more within the email is always a good idea – a question is a great way of doing this.

Write personally
Nobody likes to feel like they’re just one of many, so make your emails personal by ensuring that they include the customer’s name at the start. Using the word ‘you’ frequently also appeals directly to your audience.

Reward your customers
Anything that keeps your customers glad that they signed up for your emails is a good thing. This usually takes the form of a discount or voucher, which not only makes them more likely to buy from you or use your services, but also keeps them more likely to open your emails next time.

Images are vital to the success of an email marketing campaign. One glance at your email determines whether or not a customer will read it, and if all they see is text, they’re unlikely to go much further. Make your email visually appealing with attractive and cohesive images relating to your business.

Test, test, test
Think you’re happy with your finished email? Send it to yourself and see what it looks like from your customer’s point of view. Perhaps send it to a college and have them read it too – a pair of fresh eyes may pick up on something you haven’t.

These pointers make up the basic elements of email marketing best practice. Of course, email marketing for every venture and customer base is different, and often the best practices for each business are determined by trial and error – analysing the performance of each campaign and adjust according to the results.

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