Are You Using Them Yet? Why Facebook Ads Will Work For Your Small Business

Facebook ads can expand reach, raise awareness, and increase sales and sign ups – and they’re not just for big businesses

Social media is such a large part of most businesses’ social media strategy because it’s famously free. This is how we believe the majority of it should stay, because day-to-day, it’s a fantastically non-pushy form of marketing that lets you genuinely connect with your audience.

But what if your audience don’t know about you yet? What if they’re not aware of the products or services they could be benefiting from that you provide? This is where Facebook Ads come in. For a small investment, they strategically grow audiences by placing ads from businesses on the feeds of their target audience, and they’re increasingly being used by small businesses.

o_19sk9b4939261grqp36fcr1tho7_newWhat They Work For

To make Facebook Ads work for you, you need to start by determining your goals, and what you want to gain from your advertising budget. They work if you want to raise awareness of your business generally, perhaps if you’re new, or if you’re just looking to shout a bit louder above the competition. They’re also useful for advertising promotions or events, such as a money off code, open days, or sales. Maybe you’ve just launched a new product or service and want to get it out there. Guess what? Facebook ads works for that too.

New or established businesses can benefit from Facebook Ads, as long as they have a clear idea of what they want to achieve, such as more traffic to their website, more sales of a certain product, or increased attendance at an event.

How They Work

When setting up an ad, you first need to choose a demographic, and this includes age, location, gender, interests and hobbies, etc. As a basic example, you may be a female personal trainer looking to sign up more female clients. So, you might choose females aged between 25-45 within a 20 mile radius who are interested in fitness.

Ads are image driven, so you need to find at least one picture related to your ad that will attract your target audience. Text is important to – a catchy headline is vital, so best to keep that between 7-10 words. A small amount of text can follow, but keep this brief too – between 15-25 words.

Then you need to choose your call to action. This could be something like Shop Now, Learn More, Sign Up, Buy Now, Download – it all depends on the goal you set earlier. This is what drives your customers to take action.

Why They Work As Part of a Smalls Businesses’ Social Strategy

The main reason that small businesses are turning to Facebook ads is that you can get in front of your target audience in a way you’d struggle with in any other marketing. It’s not just putting it up there and hoping your ideal customer finds you – it’s finding them first and providing an answer to their question before they’ve even asked.

The other main reason is affordability. The cost of ads depends on how many people you want to reach and why, but the budgets are in no way unreasonable for a growing a small business with big dreams. You’re able to set how much you want to pay for an ad and tailor it accordingly within the limits set by the amount, or set the ad for maximum impact and let Facebook generate the price. You’re going into competition with other advertisers who want to reach the same people you do, and Facebook takes this into consideration.

To help better understand Facebook Ads and make sure you’re getting maximum benefit from them as part of your wider social strategy, it’s best to enlist the help of professional marketers. Hit Refresh offer social media help in Sussex to businesses who want to grow and succeed – contact us here.


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