Why Keeping Your Blog Up-To-Date is Essential For Your Website

The SEO success of your website depends largely on your blog

At first glance, it can be a bit trickier to see the marketing benefits of a blog in comparison to platforms with more direct results, such as social media and email marketing. There is, however, several very important reasons why every website Hit Refresh builds includes a regularly updated blog page, and many are directly linked to the Search Engine Optimisation of our sites.

Google favours fresh content

By blogging frequently, you’re giving Google the opportunity to index more of your site – think of each post as a new page, and therefore a new opportunity to get in Google’s good books.

pexels-photo-67112Rank for your relevant search terms 

Key search terms can be difficult to get into your web copy, but by writing a blog post with specific key words and phrases in mind, it can be a real chance to climb the rankings for the things potential customers and clients search for. These are called ‘long-tail’ keywords, which are less competitive but are something someone may genuinely put into a search engine.

Using our client Sussex Artificial Grass Company as an example, instead of gearing a blog post around ‘artificial grass in Sussex’, we might make it ‘benefits of artificial grass in your garden’. This is also more subtle to put in a sentence.

Keeps people on your site for longer

The time spent on your website can affect your Google ranking, so if visitors are reading your engaging and informative blog posts, the time they spend will contribute to ranking higher on search results.

An opportunity for backlinks

Engaging content is likely to get back linked by other sites and social media pages. Google acknowledges this and acts accordingly, recognising you as an authority and therefore a higher value search result.

Of course, SEO isn’t the only reason you should be blogging…

Blog posts allow you to answer your customers questions at length, establish your expertise, and keep visitors to your site up-to-date with your latest news and industry developments.

A good way to look at your blog, and your website as a whole, is as if it were the only thing customers had to refer to online when it came to your business. If Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and all those other platforms you may love shut down tomorrow, would your blog be able to keep your audience interested?

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