Why online customer service really matters

It’s clear to see all over the internet that we live in a review driven world. With companies like TripAdvisor helping tourists across the world find restaurants and attractions that others have rated highly, and Facebook and Twitter becoming a platform on which to praise or slam customer service, the consumer is having much more say over a businesses’ reputation.

pexels-photo-largeCustomer experience has always been important, but with the rise of social media, it has become vital. Customers now do thorough research before they make a purchasing decision, and because so many businesses are online, there’s a lot to choose from. Consumers are not only looking for good reviews, but also a business that uses their online presence to up their customer service too. This means responding to customer queries, interacting with comments, and responding to negative feedback professionally and effectively. Businesses that ignore their customers online and don’t actively work to resolve bad reviews can put potential customers off big time, and they’ll simply move on to the next competitor.

It’s great to get brilliant feedback, and sharing it online lets the customer experience speak for itself – it’s a fantastic marketing tool. However, things don’t always go smoothly, and occasionally, there may be a negative review to deal with. This is where businesses need to over deliver, and prove that each and every customer matters to them. Responding quickly, empathising with the customer, and offering whatever is needed to make this right is essential. A bad review doesn’t mean that your businesses’ relationship with that customer is irreparable – look at is as a chance to shine, and learn from what caused upset in the first place. Resolve it at the root.

It’s undeniable that the online world and the digital devices most of us have easy access to have made online customer service an important part of running a business. Being on the ball with your customer feedback will keep your reputation tip top online, and those great reviews will speak for themselves.



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