pexels-photo-large-2Brand videos are big, and Hit Refresh looks at why

If you’re familiar with the Hit Refresh team, you’ll know that our background lies in producing high quality brand videos for clients across Sussex and beyond. We’ve found them to be such a useful tool for businesses from all industries, and we thought we’d share why brand videos are effective.

One of the simplest reasons video works, is that words and pictures can only go so far. Video brings all this together, and most importantly – brings your business to life! Videos take further steps towards engaging, entertaining and educating your audience that text just doesn’t. If a customer has been entertained or has learned something from your video, this is likely to differentiate you from your competitors in their mind.

The stats when it comes to marketing videos speak for themselves. Websites with a business video on their homepage are 53 times more likely to rise to page 1 of  Google. It’s fair to say Google loves video, and including one in your content will push you into their good books. 72% of people are more likely to make a purchase having watched a video, and this statistic in particular goes a long way to explaining why brand videos are effective.

A video for your business doesn’t have to be an all singing, all dancing production that encompasses each and every aspect of what you do. While these are certainly effective, smaller productions like a how-to, testimonial or a product demo work well too, and and easy to achieve on a budget. These are both informative and engaging, and are likely to stick in the minds of your audience. It’s also a way to personalise your business – they can put a voice or face to the name.

A brand video for your business isn’t essential, but it’s certainly something worth considering. Hit Refresh help businesses in West Sussex incorporate a brand video into the marketing plan they provide for them – contact us to find out more.

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