Why your website needs a blog

A common question when it comes to building a website is ‘do I really need a blog?’ We cannot stress enough how, in each instance, the answer is always resounding yes! Here’s why…

Each blog post is an opportunity to focus on a relevant keyword and expand upon it. Sure, you could just hope that your web content is enough, but why would you pass up the chance to regularly increase your chances of being found on a search engine for free? Each time you blog, it creates another indexed page on Google, and they love regularly updated websites, which lands your business firmly in their good books.

why your website needs a blogEstablishes authority
Your blog is a fantastic opportunity to answer questions your audience may have about what you do and how you do it. You can be seen as an expert in your field by blogging a how-to, behind the scenes, or some tips and tricks for your industry.

Drives traffic to your website
Sharing your blog posts onto your social media provides a direct link to your website, and not only this, but if your post is engaging and informative, it’s likely to be shared by those who read it. Think of how many people that could reach, who may not ordinarily have searched you on Google.

A space to share your news
Sometimes, there’s more to say than fits in a Facebook post, which is where your blog comes into its own. You can go into more detail, share more images, and take more time to appeal to your audience.

At Hit Refresh, we build stunning WordPress websites that include a dedicated blog page, as well as helping businesses in Sussex establish their SEO through blogging and updating existing news pages. Get in touch via our contact page to find out more.


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