Varied and wide ranging marketing skills

Gained through business experience and specialist training

Social Media

We have set up and managed various social media accounts for our clients and our own businesses.  Our management includes regular posting of interesting and unique content, most importantly with the voice of your business.
We also spend time monitoring your account, including sharing, re-tweeting and following other accounts which will have a positive effect on your social media standing.
We work proactively to make sure we have the right information when we need it.
We will work with your photographs or ones you ask us to take.

We will match your business with the most effective social media channels, but actively work with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and for home improvement clients, Houzz.

See links to our social media work below

Web Content & SEO

A website is nothing without creative content that captures what you’re about. At the same time, it needs to contain key words and phrases to rank you higher on search engines like Google. We know not only how to keep visitors to your website engaged, but also how to keep in Google’s good books through optimising your web content for search engines.

Blog posts help keep these keywords and phrases fresh in Google’s mind, and we’re committed to quality blog posts that are relevant to your business, informative to your audience, and on to a winner when it comes to SEO.

See links to our content and SEO work below


We do not have to build a new website for every client, but sometimes older websites could do with a refresh.  When we create websites we use WordPress which is a style of website which Google likes, and we build each page to be optimised for search engines, to help it appear higher than your competitors.  With WordPress we can easily update and create unique content to keep your website fresh. 

We will work with you to produce exactly the type of website and content your target market will engage with to produce the best results.  We will monitor and analyse the performance of your website to ensure it keeps as high on the searches as possible.

See links to our websites below

Email Marketing

We design and manage the email marketing for clients including Alexander.   Emails need to be informative but interesting and are filled with ‘calls to action’.  The emails we send out achieve direct results for our clients.

For Alexander our emails are newsletters designed to inform customers of offers, events and new products while also providing inspiration with recent installation pictures.

We can apply our email marketing designs to many scenarios to produce engagement and results.

See links to our email marketing below


Both founding directors of Hit Refresh Marketing come from a background of professional photography spanning the last 12 years.  With a huge variety and range of photography assignments undertaken, you can be sure that if you would like a set of highly useable images to promote your business across your website and social media channels, we don’t need to outsource.
Our in-house photography is a much more cost effective solution than hiring a separate photographer or media agency.
For examples of our in-house photography see below, or visit our sister website Hector Media


Uniquely, one of our in-house specialisms is creating stunning brand videos.  Gary Hector, one of our company directors is a talented and accomplished videographer and has created numerous videos for a wide variety of clients from many industries, as well as charitable organisations.

A video is not essential for every business, and we would never insist you have one.  However if you think it is something that would enhance your business, then we can certainly help.

For examples of our in-house video production see below or visit our sister website: Hector Media

Print Advertising

We manage the print advertising budget for Alexander and are happy to use traditional marketing methods where appropriate.

While design is not our specialism, we are experienced in producing high quality print advertising and event posters in-house and have done so for ourselves and a number of clients.  Where the artwork required stretches beyond our in-house skills, we have links to a highly acclaimed local graphic design agency with an extensive and accomplished portfolio.

For examples of our print designs see our Alexander case study

Brand Identity

While we are unable to design and create Brand Identities at Hit Refresh, we can call on a local brand design agency with a stream of happy and high profile clients.

We recently instigated and managed the re-brand process for Alexander using this design company, with incredible results.  This has stretched to manage the complete implementation of the new brand throughout the showroom with new signage, displays, letter heads and more.

For more about this re-brand see our Alexander case study

Please browse through this selection of portfolio items, more are available on request.

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Photography & Video


Visit our sister site Hector Media for more examples of photography & video

Pick & Mix From Our Skills

Social Media

Account Set Up
Daily Monitoring of all accounts
Regular Posting in your voice
Sharing & Liking relevant accounts
Promoted Posts to reach further
Analysis & Strategy
Profile Growth

Email Marketing

Database List Management
Targeted Emails
Designs & Layouts
Engaging Content
Analysis of Results
Sales/Results Driven


Website Review
WordPress Website Build
Search Engine Optimisation
Optimised Copywriting
Optimised Blog Posts
Improvements & Updates

Everything Else

Print Advertising Strategy
Print Advertising Design
Leaflets, Marketing Material Design
Professional Photography
Brand Video Production
Public Relations

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Hit Refresh work in many different areas of digital marketing in Sussex, which includes WordPress web design, social media management, content creation, email marketing, photography, and more. Using 20 years of business and marketing experience, as well as up-to-date methods and technology, the Hit Refresh team tailor our skills to suit the needs of each business. Getting help with digital marketing in Sussex is easy with Hit Refresh.