How We Work

Clear and Transparent Pricing

Business Analysis and Marketing Strategy

During a 1-2 hour meeting we will get to know you and your business, working through a business analysis framework with you.  Following the meeting we will work behind the scenes to analyse the results of our meeting and put them into a business analysis document, and create a marketing strategy plan to cover 3 months.  This will include social media strategy, social media advertising strategy, email marketing, SEO/Content strategy and offer/incentive marketing.

This meeting and analysis will be essential at the start of any new working relationship.  It can be standalone – so you implement our strategy in-house, or can then lead on to us implementing the strategy for you.

  • Business Analysis & 3 Month Strategy
  • £550
  • If you go on to retain our services for a minimum period of 3 months we will credit 50% of the strategy fee back to your account.

Marketing Training

Should you wish to implement your strategy in-house we can offer skilled training in the following areas:

Social Media (all platforms)
Social Media Advertising
Content Marketing (Blogs & SEO)
Email Marketing (Mailchimp)

£65 per hour for up to 2 people

Monthly Implementation

If you would like us to implement your marketing strategy, we can offer a mix and match of the following elements

Social Media Marketing from £150
Email Marketing from £100
Content incl. Blogs from £200
Incentive Marketing from £100
Analytics & Stats from £50

£300 Minimum Retainer per month

Additional Services

We offer various add on services on an ad-hoc basis

Marketing Strategy Update from £250
Existing Website Review and Analysis from £250
Existing Website SEO Improvement from £250
Website Design and Creation £POA
E-Commerce Website Design £POA
E-Commerce Website Design £POA
Brand Videos £POA

Pick & Mix From Our Skills

Social Media

Account Set Up
Daily Monitoring of all accounts
Regular Posting in your voice
Sharing & Liking relevant accounts
Promoted Posts to reach further
Analysis & Strategy
Profile Growth


Website Review
Wordpress Website Build
Search Engine Optimisation
Optimised Copywriting
Optimised Blog Posts
Improvements & Updates

Email Marketing

Database List Management
Targeted Emails
Designs & Layouts
Engaging Content
Analysis of Results
Sales/Results Driven

Everything Else

Print Advertising Strategy
Print Advertising Design
Leaflets, Marketing Material Design
Professional Photography
Brand Video Production
Public Relations

We specialise in the following platforms

We would love to explain how we can help grow your business through modern marketing techniques, contact us to arrange a meeting today!

Using a mix and match approach to services, we are very much an agency who gets to know their clients when needing marketing help in Sussex. We’ll meet often to discuss needs, progress and strategy, as well as being transparent on what you’re getting from us each month. For us, communication is key, so if you’re in need of marketing help in Sussex, we’ll be clear on exactly what areas we can help you in, and how this can help your business grow.