Raw Passion

Case Study


RAW PASSION is a company based in West Sussex that create 100% organic, vegan and cruelty free beauty products. Inspired by the personal journey of owner Viola, RAW PASSION aims to enhance lives through completely natural skin care, and strives to provide products free of nasty ingredients to those who love and respect their skin.
We began working with Viola in the spring of 2016 when she came to us in need of some help with her website. We were able to create a reponsive eCommerce website, that represented the values at the heart of RAW PASSION, and provided a way in which customers could order products directly.

Services we have provided to RAW PASSION

Wordpress Website Build
Product Photography
E-Commerce (Woo Commerce)
Content Management (Blog Entries)


There’s a lot to RAW PASSION’s story, as well as the extensive benefits of each of the products, so fitting that into the website was one of the main challenges. We set out all the information carefully on each page so as not to overwhelm the viewer, and chose colours carefully to compliment both each other, and the ingredients used in RAW PASSION’s products.


The finished website is a colourful, responsive design that explains everything customers need to know about RAW PASSION. It also incorporates a dedicated shop, where each product can be shown off, explained and purchased easily. There’s a blog space too, which Viola is looking forward to updating with posts on Raw living, and information surrounding her products.


The RAW PASSION website has now been handed over to Viola, so that she can update it with blog posts and any new products. We will, of course, always be on hand to help with any problems or queries. We wish RAW PASSION every success!

When we first started working with Viola, RAW PASSION’s existing website was full of information, but was in danger of becoming  a little confusing. A new website was required, and it needed to capture the spirit of RAW PASSION, inform customers about the story behind the products, whilst remaining easy to navigate. It also needed RAW PASSION products to be available from the website too, and this gave us the opportunity to get stuck into a WooCommerce WordPress theme.

Using a theme decided on between ourselves and Viola, we set to work establishing the website’s colours. With natural ingredients like citrus fruits, avocado and lavender in Viola’s skin care products, we had lots of scope to make the website fresh and exciting when it came to a palette. Then it was time to bring the pages together around Viola’s copy, including the RAW PASSION story, and a page for frequently asked questions.

As with most of the websites we create, we made sure to include a dedicated blog page. Viola expressed great interest in blogging, with plenty of good ideas for when the site was up and running. To get it started, we created four initial blog posts around RAW PASSION’s key messages, which immediately improved RAW PASSION’s SEO, an important element of building a brand new website. From here, Viola is looking forward to updating and managing blog posts herself.

One of the most exciting things about this website build, was that we got to use some of our other in-house skills too, and this saw us getting out the cameras for some product photography. We set to work gathering inspiration and props for the shoot. Tastefully arranging them with the products, we were able to take beautifully appealing photographs that now show off RAW PASSION products in the online shop.

The result of our hard work is a stunning, responsive eCommerce website from which customers can find out all about RAW PASSION, and purchase their products. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Viola, and wish her every success!

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