Sussex Artificial Grass Company – Case Study

Sussex Artificial Grass Company

Case Study

Sussex Artificial Grass Company

Sussex Artificial Grass Company are the sole authorised distributer and installer of prestigious artificial grass brand Easigrass. With a background in landscape gardening and design, husband and wife Neil and Clair head up the team to transform spaces across Sussex with their knowledgeable and multi-skilled fitters.

We began working with Sussex Artificial Grass Company back in July 2016, when Neil and Clair approached us in need of some direction with their social media and blog posts. With the success of both these areas, Sussex Artificial Grass Company then asked that we create a brand new eCommerce website, some commercial videos, and undertake high quality photography of their team in action and the finished results.

Services we have provided to Sussex Artificial Grass Company

Social Media Management
Wordpress eCommerce Web Design
Brand Videos
Content Management (Blog Entries)


A common misconception is that artificial grass looks fake, when in reality, Easigrass have worked hard on the design of their products to make them look like the real deal. Getting this across to the target audience was the main challenge we faced, as well as making them aware of the high quality, durability, and general superiority of their product and installation over cheaper imitations.


The results include social media posts that feature a variety of engaging content that demonstrate the benefits of Easigrass. They also link to informative, SEO driven posts that we create for the website to give customers further info. We have built a stunning responsive website that encompasses the Sussex Artificial Grass Company and Easigrass ethos with the help of high quality photos and videos.


Our relationship with Neil and Clair and the Sussex Artificial Grass Company team is as strong as ever as we continue to create engaging content for their social media accounts to raise awareness of them throughout the local area. We’re also committed to creating interesting and Google-friendly blog posts to document projects the team work on, and promote the benefits of artificial grass.

More Detail

We first began working with Neil and Clair in July 2016, when they came to us in need of help with their social media. They had Facebook and Twitter set up, but had trouble finding time to maintain these platforms, as well as finding different way to effectively market artificial grass. Upon meeting with them, we determined together that input from us on blog post creation would also be beneficial to them, in order to boost the Google ranking of their existing website. We also introduced them to Houzz, a home improvement social network that we have used for other clients. We upload pictures of installations to this too.

Once we began creating engaging posts for Facebook and Twitter, as well as good quality blog posts, it became clear that the existing Sussex Artificial Grass Company website was a little outdated in comparison to competitors. The skills of the team and quality of the products weren’t being showcased enough, so it was decided that we would build a brand new one in order to do this fantastic Sussex business justice.

We began by accompanying the team on a fair sized installation, so we could take some high quality photos of the fitting process as it happened, as well as the impressive results. We didn’t stop there though – using our skills from years of commercial video projects, we filmed the progress too, to create not only a brand video, but a cool time lapse video too. We then set to work building the website around these images and videos, highlighting the benefits of artificial grass, customer testimonials, the core team, and the variety of applications that Easigrass is suited to.

The result is a clean, easy-to-navigate, responsive website that really shows off Sussex Artificial Grass Company and Easigrass to customers, with a dedicated space for SEO tailored blog posts. We’re continuing to work with Neil and Clair on their social media management and blog content, as well as web updates as and when required.

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